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Four things that could make a big difference for your older animals  !

-Consult your veterinarian for a good and complete  general exam

-Offer your pet a geriatric blood test

With a simple blood test , we can detect metabolic diseases or weaknesses faster and make more effective treatment recommendations, which can help delay the progression of certain diseases and even prolong the life of your pet.

3-Offer him food  that is adapted to his needs

Nutritional needs change as your pet gets older. Decreased appetite, metabolic changes, reduced mobility, and behavioral changes are all commonly associated with aging. Accès Vet recommends foods specially formulated for your pet, enriched with ingredients such as glucosamine, omega-type fatty acids and antioxidants. Older animals are also at an increased risk of developing various diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and kidney disease. Access vet  veterinarians and animal health technicians will be able to recommend the best food that can help prevent and treat various common diseases in both older dogs and cats.

4-Add Omega 3-6 supplements to preserve organs and cognitive functions

  • Omega 3 supplements improve learning abilities in young animals and maintain cognitive functions in aging animals.
  • Omega 3 supplements increase the capacity of the immune system.
  • Omega 6 supplements are essential for a beautiful coat and healthy skin.
  • Omega 3 supplements are effective in reducing chronic inflammatory conditions.

Examples of medical conditions that benefit from Omega 3 supplements

  • Food and seasonal allergies
  • Chronic infections of the skin
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Renal, cardiac and liver failure
  • Cognitive problem and senility

PU / PD or increased urine production and water consumption: what  signs to watch at home

An Increase water intake and urine production  are two things you should watch carefully, especially if your pets are 7 years old or older. These are two clinical signs common to several geriatric diseases in cats and dogs (diabetes, renal failure, hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s disease …). If your animal present these signs , consult your veterinarian before the condition progresses and becomes more difficult to manage.

Joint Prevention / How to Relieve Your Old Companion

Keep your pet thin and adapt the exercises that you do  according to his abilities.

Offer him specialized food for joint problems

These diets will contain a variable amount of chondro protectors such as glucosamine but also other molecules with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties such as green mussel extract, rosemary and a ratio of Omega 3 and 6 optimal to improve the joints.

Add nutritional supplements (Glucosamine but more!)

There are several types of nutritional supplements with a preventive effect and relief of joint pain. Depending on the stage of your pet’s joint condition, a suitable product will be recommended. Some supplements will focus primarily on improving the health of articular cartilage while others will contain more molecules with natural anti-inflammatory properties.

… and chondroprotective injections

These are injections that help keep the joints healthy by preserving articular cartilage. The start of the  treatment consists of four injections administered one week apart and then maintained with a monthly injection.

Use Anti-inflammatories as needed

For a faster effect or when other preventive measures are no longer sufficient, the use of anti-inflammatories can keep your pet comfortable and functional. Some molecules are now very safe for long-term use.