How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth (French only)

4 tips for dental prevention

The mechanical action during the chewing of this food, combined in an enzymatic and antibacterial action make a diet of choice to prevent the tarter, the inflammation of the gums and the bad breath.

Brushing of teeth

Use a toothpaste specially designed for animals which they can swallow without danger. What is better than a flavor of chicken or seafood to facilitate the brushing of teeth of your animal

Certain toys for chewing are conceived to add some toothpaste and allows the dog to have fun while letting the action of the toothpaste do its work.

You will find in our establishments a big variety of treats with the properties specially intended for the dental prevention.

In spite of all these good care, your animal will develop over the years enough tater to justify a descaling. Ask your veterinarian if a descaling is now recommended!

During the descaling, your veterinarian will use the same tools as your dentist to clean and polish all the surfaces of teeth and under the gums.

Tarter, composed of 80% of bacteria is a source of very frequent infections. By offering an adequate prevention to your animal, you could keep him longer and offer him a better quality of life.