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Preparation of your animal for an anesthesia and a surgery of routine

Your animal will soon live a surgery of routine, which will require a general anesthesia.

Accès Vet Team is there to answer your questions and reassure you if you have apprehensions regarding this procedure.

In order to prepare your animal, here are the stages to be followed:

Make sure that your animal seems to you healthy. Vomits, diarrhea, sneezes or cough are not normal. A surgery can be postponed easily if your animal’s health is considered not optimal. It will maybe be even indicated to have an appointment with your veterinarian to resolve the problem.

Your animal should not be fed for 12 hours before his admission to private hospital. You will have to remove the water 2 hours before its admission. These precautions are very important in order to ensure the good progress of the anesthesia.

When you will come to lead your animal to the Hospital, a technician will receive you, will question you about the health of your animal and will take his vital signs. Then she will ask you to read attentively the authorization of procedures and to sign it. It will be important to be able to communicate with you any time during the day of surgery in the eventuality of a problem.

The administration of intravenous solutions (serum) during an anesthetic and\or surgical procedure is strongly recommended. All the medicines used (tranquilizer, painkiller, anesthetic gas) being susceptible to provoke a decline of significant pressure, it aims at maintaining the blood pressure in normal values. An optimal blood pressure will ensure a good vascularization of all the vital organs and will facilitate the elimination of metabolic waste by the kidneys.

The technician will suggest to you a laser surgery. The use of the surgical laser contributes to decrease the pain and facilitate the convalescence of your animal. It is to be noted that the use of surgical laser is compulsory for declawing procedure.

Regarding the dogs of tall race, a hips X-ray will be proposed. The veterinarian will then be able to evaluate the pelvic conformation and will recommend treatments if your dog X-rays show hip dysplasia.

The technician will verify the potential presence of milk teeth restraints. She will recommend you the extraction during the surgery to prevent future problems such as abnormal growth of the adult teeth, the accumulation of tartar or the development of premature gingivitis.

Even if we take all the necessary precautions, it sometimes happens that certain animals catch fleas during their stay at the hospital. Consequently, we recommend at the admission, the administration of a preventive treatment against fleas. Ask a technician about it and he will explain to you the different treatments.

We will also propose you the possibility of inserting a microchip under the skin of your animal to allow him to have a permanent identification. The anesthesia is the quite indicated moment since your animal will not feel this procedure normally a little painful.

One of our technicians will call you back as soon as your animal will be well awaked. You can call us from 4:00 pm the day of the surgery in order to take news if we did not already call you.

When your animal leaves the hospital, a technician will take few minutes to indicate you the precautions to be taken at home further to such an intervention. To facilitate you the task, the technician will give you a sheet. Your animal can leave the day after the surgery (by an appointment scheduled during the admission with the desk clerk) if it is about sterilization or a standard surgical procedure. In case of declawing procedure, your animal will be hospitalized during 2 to 3 nights according to the case.

Please note that desk clerk will ask a deposit corresponding about 50 % of the estimation amount at the time of the surgical admission.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to communicate with us. It is with pleasure that we shall take all the time necessary to answer it.